Download Information

  • Operating System: Windows 7 Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000
  • Download Size / Time: 1.1MB / 1 Minute
  • System Requirements: 300MHz processor
  • 256 MB of RAM, 22 MB of hard disk space
  • Software Price: Free

Download WordFree

WordFree is the most popular free Microsoft Office competitor and word processor editor that comes with virtually every office applicaiton built in. It is absolutely as full of features as Office 2010. It can create DOC/DOCX files, Excel files and even create presentations, but best of all it's free.

WordFree saves you time and frustration and works with all Microsoft Office file formats.

Office Install Instructions:

  1. Download Free WordFree
  2. Click "Run" or "Save File" in Firefox
  3. Click "Run" once more
  4. Easy install directions will now begin


Clicking begins AirInstaller™ to manage your install. Learn more.

Why Choose WordFree?

  • With WordFree you will be able to edit any file you can find
  • WordFree is capable of editing all Office formats. Have you ever recieved a document file but Windows was unable to open it? WordFree instantly fixes this!

More About WordFree for Windows

If you are looking for an open source office software suite, you do not have to search any further. The free office suite – WordFree will give you everything you just might need. While there are other leading office suites out there, there are actually plenty of reasons why you should choose the free office suite – WordFree instead.

Reason number one is that the free office suite – WordFree has a friendly user interface. If you are going to switch from one word processor to another, you will find that WordFree Writer has familiar interface. It is not that difficult to learn and you will be all familiar with the software within a few minutes. The same thing goes out to other software applications included in the office suite such as Calc and Impress.

Another is that it is easy to acquire. All you have to do is download the free office suite – WordFree. Make sure to download the newest version. Install WordFree into your computer. Note that WordFree can be used no matter your operating system is. Most of the other users are hesitant about switching because they think that WordFree will not be supported by their OS. To install properly, simply follow the instructions for installation on each OS.

The free office suite – WordFree has hundred of features that you will find useful. For instance, in Writer, there are automatic settings including AutoCorrect. You may find this very familiar since most of the word processors today have this feature. There is also AutoText, which is for advanced text or the combination of text and graphics with or with no formatting.

Printing is also easy no matter what software application you are using. WordFree allows you to print out your documents so that you can have your hard copy for your files in Calc, Writer and even your presentation in Impress.

Above all these reason, WordFree is absolutely free. You will not have to worry about yearly fees or payments you need to make when you upgrade your software. You can use this without limit either for personal or business use. There are also extensions that you can find for an enhanced experience using the free office suite – WordFree. These add ons are also free. Install them by downloading the extensions first and then click on Tools, then Extension Manager and then My Extensions. Click Add and let the software do its task.