Download Information

  • Operating System: Windows 7 Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000
  • Download Size / Time: 1.1MB / 1 Minute
  • System Requirements: 300MHz processor
  • 256 MB of RAM, 22 MB of hard disk space
  • Software Price: Free (Ad Supported)

Free Windows Media Player

HiDef is a very popular free windows media player that comes with virtually every codec built in. This means you can play almost any media file you have or will ever have. It can even play back damaged files, but best of all it's free.

HiDef saves you time and frustration and works with all popular video and audio files.

HiDef Install Instructions:

  1. Download HiDef media player
  2. Click "Run" or "Save File" in Firefox
  3. Click "Run" once more
  4. Easy install directions will now begin


Why Choose HiDef?

  • With HiDef you will be able to play any file you can find, this means both downloaded files and streaming video!
  • HiDef is capable of playing all music file types. Have you ever downloaded an album but Windows Media Player was unable to play it? HiDef instantly fixes this!

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More About HiDef

There are a lot of media players available today and one of them is HiDef. Quite often we use our media players to play songs and just enjoy listening to them for several hours. HiDef can do just that. You will be able to play your mp3 files for as long as you want no matter how many songs you have in your library.

The free mp3 player – HiDef is not only an mp3 player as a matter of fact. It can perform other tasks for your mp3 files which you will find very useful. While most of the mp3 players that we find today can only play the music files, HiDef can do more than that. You can play them in order or randomly but other music players can also do that. What sets the free mp3 player – HiDef from other players is that you can use this to convert your mp3 files to another format or you can convert your video files to mp3.

HiDef is indeed helpful for those who are not just using their media player to play songs but for those who are looking for more out of their song player. You can use HiDef to convert some of your files to mp3. To do this, you can launch your HiDef player and then click on the Media button which is located at the top of the player. In front of you, the menu list will appear. To proceed, look for the Convert/Save option. Once found, click on it and you can click on the Add button. This will then open the media files that are saved on your hard drive.

You can utilize the explorer window so that you can easily locate the file that you wish to convert. When you click on the Convert menu, you will be given the option to provide the path where you wish to save your file. Navigate to the Settings menu and then select Audio MP3. To begin the conversion, click on Start which is located at the bottom of the Convert menu. Other formats that you can convert to include MOV, AVI and MPEG among others.

The free mp3 player – HiDef is indeed really useful especially for those who have been searching for a way to fully enhance their listening experience. You can convert your files into mp3 without the need to download other software applications.